In short, defense is important

Long-time rivals Arsenal and Manchester United played in the Premier League’s 21R. Arsenal, which had been in a severe slump early in the season, has been on the rise since the lineup reorganization. Manchester United is competing for the top spot with steady performance after maintaining the upper-middle position. It will be an interesting match because both teams have clear goals.
Arsenal had their worst start of the 2020-21 season. His worst performance since the opening of the season once fell to 15th place. These include Aubameyang’s silence, lack of creativity and activity in the midfield, and David Lewis’ slump. Rumors of a replacement for Arteta, who made his brilliant debut after winning the FA Cup last season, are circulating.
Arsenal, which seemed NBA중계 to be falling endlessly, actively utilized young players who changed their lineup, and the team’s atmosphere changed dramatically. He started hitting again with five wins and one draw in his last six games, and moved his ranking to ninth place. The ride with the fourth-ranked team will also be narrowed to six points, allowing BIG4 to enter if the atmosphere continues well.
It was based on Arteta’s manager, but focused on the rear build-up and created a modified line. Along with strengthening the rear build-up and stabilizing the defense, many people can participate in the attack.
To this end, he used Lacazette as a “Pulse Nine” (fake striker). Lacazette’s unique backside actively used play to spread the ball to the side and participated in the build-up, reducing the risk. Lacazette, who played the role of Pulse Nine, scored eight league goals in a setback after full-time.
Aubameyang’s silence, Pepe the glutton, and £Zil, who moved to Fenerbahce, changed the second line. He made full use of new players such as Smithlow – Sacca – Martinelli. Empirical inexperience was covered with activity and speed, and his personal skills were so excellent that he became the core of Arsenal’s attack. Arsenal are on the verge of regaining their old skills and taking a leap to the top.
Arsenal, who are in good shape recently, have hired Real Madrid’s supernova Martin Odegaard on loan. Arteta wanted the number 10 midfielder to be the point of attack, and £ Digard was chosen.
Currently, it is unclear whether £ Digard will play due to match fit issues. He’s been injured until recently, so he won’t play too hard. Even if he participates in the competition, he is likely to end up as a substitute.
Arsenal have regained the energy of the attackers, but there are no players who can play creatively. As Mesut £zil has shown in the past, £degor wants to play the role.
Manchester United’s away performance this season is remarkable. The team is unbeaten in the Premier League. This has been a tie since September 1999 and would set a new record if he did not lose the away game against Arsenal.
The league also went undefeated and was thwarted by Sheffield United last week. The undefeated march is over, but Manchester United’s momentum is also strong, so I think it will be able to go back to its original state.
Manchester United has a stable balance. However, a fatal flaw exists. In the case of attack, Anthony Martial’s slump continues. If the performance is poor, the form can be raised, but the bigger problem is the increase in personal play and acting that affect team play. Solskjaer is also unlikely to just wait and see Marshall repeat his protest gesture. Personally, I think the team play effect will be greater if Cavani is placed on the front line and the Rashford-Bruno Fernandez-Greenwood line is placed on the second line. Juan Mata and Donnie Van der Beek are backing up, so I don’t think Marshall needs to be dragged around

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