It would be best to buy it.

I went there like that, but fortunately I had no regrets.

Actually, I have to drive back and forth for three hours.

Because I did it, so close to it, to be honest,

No, but fortunately, the car…

I liked it because you sold it safely on sale.

If you see the contract, you’ll be able to get a false sale or a flooded vehicle.

It’s a lot more than I thought it would be.

It’s clearly stated. That’s why

There’s nothing to worry about. False sales are

It’s probably starting with bait, and then we’re gonna get a weird product.

The most common method of adding or increasing interest rates is:

That’s how it appears.

Besides that, there’s something else that’s often seen in Facebook, etc.

About 400,000 to 500,000 won a month, 88카 three German cars.

Watch out for the harsh words that you can ride.

I hope so. In that case, it’s called a grace period.

What it means is that the principal will be paid when the arrangement expires.

Paying at once, usually only interest-paying interest.

That’s how it works. That is, theoretically,

I’m gonna have to pay you less than that.

You can buy it. But the problem is,

After all, after 10 years, most of the time, the principal,

It’s likely to stay the same.

He’s a man who’s hard to pay off the hook.

It’s natural to have such an excessive number.

3 years later or 5 years later, it’s all of a sudden.

There’s no possibility of money being magically created.

But in the end, in a decade or so, it’s almost…

It will be piled up to the level of principal.

Of course it could be higher than that.

So if there’s a word of grace, lease or installment,

There’s a need to be thoroughly careful.

It’s very dangerous. The imported used car trading site, Saganica,

We’ve got tens of thousands of vehicles all over the country.

It’s all for sale.

Accident handling history of all vehicles and <Cahistory>

You can clearly see the performance content.

Performance paper is too clean for the model year or driving.

And if it’s the case, there’s a little bit of doubt.

I think so.

Well, if you’re good at driving for a long ride,

Unexpected accidents are common.

That’s because. The odds are bound to go up.

In the case of the imported used car trading site, Saddanica, the dealer’s computer is:

Share it with 2 IDs, and in fact, in A ID,

There is no difference in the price that comes out in B.

I was relieved that you showed it clearly.

Even if you actually manipulate the amount of the vehicle,

If A is manipulating, B is the original price.

I’ll be sure if I see both of them.

Of course, just in case, both A and B were manipulated.

You might think I’m showing you, but in fact,

There’s little reason to use that kind of trouble.

See? ^^ And here, in 2015,

He is a conscientious dealer who appeared in SBS Life Economy.

In 2016, he won the Grand Prize for Used Car Brands.

It’s also a place. I received it directly from the JoongAng Ilbo.

So I think it’s been fully verified.

I do. These indicators are very important, very important.

I don’t think we can ignore it.

I found out after purchasing it.

This place is uniquely internally examined and approved.

It’s possible, but he owns a separate financial company.

Even if you don’t go through other banknotes, here.

It’s been approved and reviewed on its own.

I think it’s more advantageous.

If you’re here to buy a car, you’ll get a big rating.

It doesn’t seem to matter, but it’s just the income.

It should be proven to some extent.

If your income is too low, you’ll see that you’ll be able to prove

If it’s a difficult situation. It must be hard, right?

One of them seems to be a good fit.

In the case of a long-term unemployed person who is not temporarily unemployed;

It looks like approval is going to be difficult. Of course, I don’t know anything.

It didn’t work, so I bought a car comfortably.

Most of the money was processed in cash.

A very small amount of money in a single-bank.

That’s what we did.

The good thing about the import used car trading site is that the dealer is very…

He’s kind, and he’s very sincere about the vehicle.

It was okay. So there were few difficult parts.

The contract is transparent, above all else.

I don’t even think about the possibility of a problem.

I haven’t, and I’m pretty sure that even if I have a problem,

I’m worried about compensation or a refund.

I don’t think they have insurance.

It’s important to have one.

Depending on where you buy the used car,

Even going back and forth between hell and heaven.

You have to choose carefully because you have to choose carefully.

It’s best to sell your feet.

If it’s difficult, I’m sure you’ll find a way to find a place

I think it’s more important than anything else.

It’s been getting warmer lately.

It’s officially Ipchun now. Maybe a week or two.

I think it’ll be spring weather afterwards.

Of course, we’re gonna have to get this thing straightened out.

I think it’s… traveling as much as you want, natural.

I hope it’s time. I think so.

Even if you’re vaccinated, you’re still looking forward to it.

To get something as much, maybe next year.

I think it should be.

For those of you who want to go to the imported used car trading site, Saganica,

First of all, the conscience dealer runs it, and the contract.

It guarantees exactly the engine or many parts.

And there’s a special offer for low-credit users.

If you remember that approval is very easy,

I think it’ll work.

A little bit of satisfaction for each person.

There’s no right answer because it could be different.

Think about your current economic situation.

I’m gonna take everything into consideration, and I’m gonna get the vehicle you

It would be best to buy it.

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