a situation where you can’t go up to the top

It’s a rumor-level article on the Calcio Mercato Web site, but there have been reports that Juventus will dispose of Ramsey, Douglas Costa and Federico Bernardski to recruit EPL Tottenham Hotspur striker Son Heung-min.

Ramsay and Costa are not a package product, but they are also offered to recruit Pogba, and it seems clear that Juventus will have a major change in the team’s composition 스포츠중계 this summer.

If he fails to win Serie A at a time when he is not easily pushed to the top by the Milan brothers in the recent league, he will surely seek to win next season’s championship through rebuilding the team.

In this situation, Juventus’ interest in Son Heung-min may be very low-level, but if Son Heung-min, who has been at his peak recently, is recruited, the destructive power of Juventus’ offense will increase significantly next season.

Juventus’ three-top, consisting of Ronaldo, Dybala, and Son Heung-min, will be a powerful offensive team that can be put out anywhere in Europe.

The biggest question will be whether Juventus can pay for Son Heung-min’s transfer fee.

With Corona’s poor finances, the transfer fees for the somewhat frothy players are showing signs of turning off, and this winter’s transfer market has been quiet, unlike previous years.

Of course, if the transfer is right, there are uncertainties because there is a sudden surge in the two clubs, but considering the rumor that Juventus is aiming for Son Heung-min, it shows how good Son Heung-min is this season.

Whoever wants to buy it or who is interested in it is Tottenham’s will.

Son Heung-min, one of the team’s key players, will be able to be

Given the current Premier League situation, Tottenham’s appearance against Europe next season seems quite difficult. It seems very, very difficult to advance to the Champions League, and it may be difficult to advance to the Europa League, so if you fail to advance to the European competition, it will be a great disappointment for Tottenham players.

I’ve seen a lot of failure to advance to the Champions League is a decisive reason for the main players. If he fails to advance to the Champions League for two consecutive seasons, it will also affect Son Heung-min’s renewal of his career.

In addition, the financial pressure that EPL Tottenham is under due to Corona will eventually be one of the decisive reasons for Son Heung-min’s re-signing and transfer.

If Tottenham miss both the league and the European competition without re-signing, it is likely that they will eventually put an important player on the market to raise funds for the team rebuilding, and the target will be Harry Kane or Son Heung-min.

If Tottenham have to sell someone, chances are high that Son Heung-min will be chosen over Harry Kane, the face of the club.

If it’s not a re-sign, Son Heung-min’s sales are at the moment when he’s shooting his career high, and depending on whether he’s going to renew his contract, he’ll be able to determine whether Son Heung-min will stay at Tottenham or transfer

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