I downloaded it from FileMong, a mobile web hard.


Today, many people don’t know where to use mobile webhard, so I’d like to introduce you to a place called FileMong that I’m using myself.

First of all, it is very famous for mobile P2P. It is a legal company certified by the government agency, so anyone can use it easily.

Webhard is FileMong

The low barriers to entry made it easy to access.

Everyone could get 500,000 points because the coupon registration event is being held now.

This time, I downloaded the drama called Day and Night from FileMong, a mobile web hard.

The important thing is that I registered a coupon and I could use it for free.

Mobile P2P seemed to cut off in the middle, but it wasn’t as good as I thought.

If you want to use your smartphone or tablet PC, you can use it as my way of telling you.

You can use your mobile web browser.

If you log in and search for the data you want to see, you can use it as a streaming function.

And mobile web hard file dream had various events.

Honestly, it’s not that hard to check attendance every day. But in mobile P2P, I could get points if I check attendance every day.

I think this is a really good event.

From now on, I will explain about the work I watched called Day and Night.

From November 30, 2020 to January 19, 2021, it is a TVN Monday-Tuesday drama that follows the postpartum care center.

It’s a pre-announced murder mystery that digs into the secrets of a mysterious incident in a town 28 years ago, related to the mysteries that are happening now.

Do Jung-woo (Actor: Nam Gung-min / Child: Oh Han-gyeol) – Special Team Leader of 웹하드 추천 the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency. He/she is a senior graduate of the National Police University and is introduced to his/her past history of sasi, acrostic poem, and oessi, but he/she cannot remain in the police with such a specification and can’t be seen as a special team leader unless he/she has to follow the upper personnel order.

White Night Village No. 113, with her fraternal twin sister Jamie Leighton, uses lucid drugs to kill all the people in the village, then manages to escape and is found and cared for by Jeong Soon-gu.

He always carries red candy in his mouth, which was tested in a white night village and suffered from increased brain pressure all his life, so Jung Soon-gu made it with medicine in candy.

Gong Hye-won (Actor: Kim Seol-hyun) – A member of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s special team. Although he was originally a member of the transportation community, he became a member of the special team after receiving a scout from Do Jung-woo, who already recognized that Gong Il, who led the human experiment in White Night Village, was the daughter of the head of the institute.

He is a picky, nagging, and eager police officer who feels relieved when he says everything he has to say. He is also very good at physical fights, enough to fight many adult men.

Jamie Leighton (actor: Lee Chung-ah / child: Kwon Ye-eun) – FBI criminal psychologist. Doubtfulness in the personality of saying everything digs to the end.

After being adopted by the U.S. Navy after escaping from White Night Village with his twin brother Do Jung-woo, the 112th child of White Night Village, he was sent to a special team at the invitation of the deputy chief of the National Police Agency.

I’ll explain this much for now. I explained it to the actors. I also briefly told you the story.

If there are people looking for mobile web hard or mobile P2P, it would be a good idea to register the coupon at the place I mentioned and try it for free.

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