You know a lot about the hard work and cleaning

as the day suddenly became chilly

I’m not sure I’m ever going to date outdoors

It was getting hard.

Because of the corona 19

It’s limited, so these days,

I’m on 강남피쉬안마 a date!

My boyfriend celebrates the anniversary together

I thought you said it would be nice to write it together

He said he bought a love gel.

I’ve been a long time since I’ve been a couple

I’m trying to write a little bit of a thing

I had a massage oil.

My boyfriend bought a water soluble type,

I chose the type of fat-soluble

I just tried to find out that my boyfriend

I could feel more satisfied.

Ormes chose the boyfriend

It’s called massage oil!

What part was satisfied

I’m going to tell you about it.

Honestly, I chose Ji Yong-seong

The most regrettable thing is that

Because I wasn’t satisfied.

But my boyfriend bought it

I have a very good feeling of use.

I’ll tell you what was different.

Honestly, water-soluble, and fat-soluble two things

I compared it to one another

I’ve come to realize that it’s better.

The massage oil I bought is a little

it is very slippery because it is the fat soluble

It’s not a moist feeling, it’s a shiny feeling

Should I say I feel it?

When I first test, I put my hands and legs

I’m not writing, I’m disappointed, I’m not writing

I’m so glad you did.

In comparison, this is water-soluble

It’s a type, so I feel like I’m touching the skin

It was good not to be heavy.

it shines like the fat-soluble type

the outer surface is absorbed, not the feeling

I can feel the moisturizing?

The solubility type is heavy when applied

I feel bad and I don’t feel good

I didn’t feel so good, but it’s receptive

so soft, evenly spread

I’m not sure I’m going to be able to

I thought I felt the difference.

soft and irresistible

precious y zone due to the footing

I’m using it too well on the site.

It makes a difference in the component

I felt like there was The Marit.

It’s directly touching the skin

My boyfriend is a man who’s been

I told him I had to choose.

I’m not gonna be able to do this

I’m more impressed you bought it.

As soon as I hear my boyfriend

We’ve looked at the fat-soluble components

It was glycerin in it.

And I’m sure that’s why

You said you had troubles.

The water-soluble type is the glycerine-like

There was no artificial ingredient,

instead, it’s a matter of replacing

It’s made of natural ingredients.

and especially the women who are known to be good

Lactobacillus is in it

My skin has become healthier.

And the real thing is that you’re gonna

You should be careful when using it

They said it was acid.

Acidity in the use of women’s cleaning systems

If you use the balance to break down

There could be another problem.

But it’s a perfect match for your skin

Keep your skin’s favorite balance

I worry about applying because I do

I can apply it without it.

I’m usually artificial and strong

I don’t like smells, so I usually

I don’t even get perfume.

something natural and subtle

I prefer the flavor to be added

My boyfriend is doing this for me

I compared and picked the parts.

I’m not gonna use it for the first time

a soft, unstrong, and gentle

I feel the scent, so I feel more

I think I could use it well.

But this is the case

a soft yet fresh feeling

I hear it, I put it on for a long time

As time goes by, the moisture is immediately

I’m glad it’s not flying.

The lasting power is excellent and the maintenance time

So is your boyfriend because it’s long

I’m both satisfied.

smoothing without a sticky feeling

It was different because it played a role

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