Everyone should be alert as it is an important time.

Hello, this is Siwon System.
Over the weekend, the spread of Corona is intensifying.
There have been a series of new confirmed cases throughout the country.
In the Seoul metropolitan area, indoor sports facilities and public institutions.
We’ve identified a group infection with a ring.
In non-metropolitan areas, universities, private tutoring companies, etc.
In the event of a new mass infection, it will continue to spread into a pandemic.
We are facing a close situation that could be possible.
Everyone should be alert as it is an important time.

I’ll introduce you to the scene I’ve been to today.
Go to Sejong near the parking lot behind the building.
This is the site you asked for construction.
In the case of traditional manual
A lot of people have installed it and used it.
There were a lot of people who didn’t know about Pagora.
But these days, the inconvenience of manual anning is…
A lot of people are interested in the improved Pagora.
A lot of construction inquiries are coming in.

They can’t be used in buildings.
There’s no choice but to have space to throw away.
If you install the Sejong Pagora,
It has the advantage of being able to use 100% of these spaces.
So what site should Pagora be constructed at?
First of all, occasional shades and sunlight.
Pagora can be the answer.

Our cooling system is designed for each site.
Accurate and meticulous identification of the characteristics you have
Customized construction is being carried out using the 파고라 appropriate materials.
Based on accurate size measurement, the material is
Because it is cut and constructed.
You can get the right result for the space.
And only for the earnings we’ve built.
We even provide you with a clear after-sales service.

The Pagora is almost complete.
As you can see, this site is separate.
It’s not a way to build a column, it’s a wall.
We have constructed it by installing a support.
It’s a columnless structure, so it’s durable.
in consideration of the potential vulnerability
We have a design that can complement this.

It’s a product that’s completely tested.
You don’t have to worry about stability.
So, depending on the site, the construction method.
There are many restrictions that can occur.
You have to find a good company to be safe.
You can receive the construction of the structure.
The cooling system has a wide range of field experiences and
Professionalism, whatever the scene is,
I can give you satisfaction.
Please leave the construction of Sejong Pagora to the cooling system.
Thank you.

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