the method for applying for the insurance uninsured loan consultation

It is common to be insured if you are in a job, whether full-time or contractual. However, sometimes due to the circumstances of the company, or depending on the circumstances of the individual, the company is not requested to join. This can also happen when you work part-time in a small company.
In this case, I think it will not be easy to borrow money from financial institutions, but in fact, you can get uninsured loans without difficulty. Not a lender with high interest rates, but a low-interest institution.
In order to get a loan while not insured, it is the easiest to receive a payment as a bank account. Of course, it is possible to proceed without receiving it as a bankbook, but there may be a 폰테크 disadvantage in the addition of documents to be prepared or the approval limit.
I’ll basically see what the paperwork is. You might want to check if you can prepare it. The documents required for uninsured loans are a copy of the certificate of employment of the payment history certificate. You can get the salary details by requesting the bank homepage or phone with the salary account book, and you can request the company for the certificate of employment. The certified copy can also be issued on the Internet, so it is easy to prepare.
Here’s the process: In fact, there’s no difference between the insurance coverage and the coverage. It’s the same as the normal situation.
If you apply for a consultation, you can get a limit inquiry. In the case of a lender, there is no inquiry and it is like receiving it immediately. The words ask for documents that they are looking for, but in fact they are accepted, so credit ratings may fall without final progress.
On the other hand, institutional financial institutions do not request documents when they are looking, and they may be needed according to the product. Even if you receive an inquiry, there is no damage, so you can compare it enough and proceed to the best condition.
If the limit and interest rate are okay, you can submit the above documents and fill out the agreement and submit it. Recently, many financial companies have received agreements on the Internet, so if you have an official certificate, you can easily accept it without visiting the branch.
After receiving the application, you can receive the deposit after the examination is usually over within an hour. During the examination, you may call the company to confirm your employment. This phone is not necessarily required by the boss, and anyone who can confirm his / her tenure is okay. But when I get the phone call, I think it would be better to call it personnel department than just an employee.
I did not say I called you because of the loan when I called you. I called you to check your job. “If you do not want to know about the loan, you can say that you have been checking the card because of the credit card issuance. If you have any trouble getting a call to the company, please contact your counselor. You can get more detailed explanations.
I will look at the questions in addition to the confirmation of the job. This is a case-by-case, so it’s not always the same. In some cases, you can only check your job, and in some cases you can ask for your date of employment, department, etc., and it is not immediately rejected that you can not answer these questions properly. However, if an employee who can respond properly at once will respond more quickly, it will be approved more quickly. Uninsured loans are no different from general credit products.There is a slight difference in the documents to be prepared, but you can use the generous limit at medium and low interest rates in institutional financial institutions

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