You can put your clothes and belongings in and wait for the governor of the business trip.

There’s a massage shop I used to go on a business trip.
I haven’t been feeling well these past few days, and I’ve been wanting a business trip massage.
near the house or near the company.
I was looking for a massage shop on a business trip, and there’s a nice place.
I made a reservation on the phone and went.
The time we visited was 18:25.
Reservation time is 18:30.
The business trip managers came in between 18:40 and 45 minutes.

As soon as I go in first, I change into indoor shoes and wait.
Cash payment and account transfer shall be made at the counter.
There is a 10% surtax on card payment.

The picture on the left shows a corridor with Thai massage rooms.
The picture on the right is the waiting room in front of the counter.

That’s the price tag in front of the counter.
I made a phone reservation through an app called Matong.
I went to Thailand 60 minutes at night, and my sister went to Aroma 60 minutes at night.
Made a booking.

It’s not at the massage shop I’m going on a business trip.
I don’t know if my neighborhood is unique.
The price range is divided into day and night.
Nights vary from store to store, but from 18:00.
It often starts, and so did this business trip massage shop.
An additional 5,000 won will be incurred if it is divided into nighttime.

Ty gave me clothes to change with the left.
If you go to the guided room, there is a separate cabinet.
You can put your clothes and belongings in there and wait for the governor.

Overall interior appearance
I’m sorry to hear that the couple room is a bed problem.
Being designated as a separate room even though we went together.
The people who are massaging in Thailand are local people.
Korean is a bit on the same wavelength.
There is no foot bath, only 60 minutes tie.

At the start, wipe your feet with a moderately warm towel.
After that, as you know, I do a business trip massage.
Starting from the back, moving forward, and stretching to the end.
I was satisfied with the Thai business trip massage.

But my sister, who went with me, received an 출장마사지 aroma massage.
I asked for more soles.
It is said that the business trip massage manager refused to go there.
That’s possible. Well… However, in many ways, it is regrettable.

It’s also because where I’m going is a very cheap place.
On average, it is cheaper in copper.
It’s a long way from where you’ve been.
It’s a shame I can only go once a week.
I looked around the house.
My sister and I who went together often seem to use.

Normally, a massage, a business trip, if you’re not blind,
I think it’s illegal.
Because of the nature of Korea, like eyebrow tattoos and tattoos,
It is implicitly written off as almost legal.
If you’re going to do this, I hope you change the law.

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