How about a used 88카 K7 car?

I only post the cars I bought myself on my blog.

Currently, the vehicle is located on A3 on the fifth floor of SK V1 Motors.

It was displayed as a perfect and sure product.

It’s not a new car, but it’s managed too well.

I brought it at a higher price than the others.

R 2.2 Diesel Prestige+8 Speed Automatic Transmission

30.9 million won for car + 2.8 million won for diesel engine

The additional option price is 5.05 million won and the total price is 38.75 million won.

This is a vehicle registered in November of 2016 model 16.

The mileage wasn’t more than 78,400 kilometers.

The distance spent for four years and one month is just right.

I think it’s perfect because it’s not too much or too little.

Color is white, fuel is diesel, front wheel drive

There are about 11 months left until the free warranty period for the manufacturer.

If you fix enough to fix and take care of it,

You can feel the “merit” I’m pursuing.

What happened to the All-New K7 diesel used car?

It’s a completely accident-free vehicle without a simple exchange.

There was no single accident history check.

You have a rental history, but you don’t have to worry about it.

Body and general parts warranty is complete.

Key parts for engine and power transfer are 5 years or 100,000 km

The engine and mission key components are the vehicle’s core.

Don’t worry, the warranty is over 11 months away.

This is an indoor photo of an all-new K7 diesel used car.

Click and see for more 88카 details.

The color of the sheet is very popular in brown.

If you talk about all new K7 diesel used car options,

I think it’s a vehicle with almost all the basic options.

Additional Option 1 Driving Safety Pack 1.95 million won

I think these options are essential for today’s vehicles.

Two-channel black box, high-pass room mirror, rear heat wire

coaxial wick-in device, auto-electric folding side mirror

All New K7 Diesel Used Car Additional Option 2

Right away, head-up display options cost 1 million won

Rear Side Alert System, Lane Departure Alarm System

There is also a smart trunk.

Eight-inch genuine navigation, rear camera.

I have two buttons starting (smart key).

handle heating, forward detector, front seat heated seat

Only the driver’s seat, the electric park brake!

All New K7 Diesel Used Car Additional Option 3

Wide panoramic sunroof with LED interior lamps

It’s the most useless option, but the price is 1.15 million won.

The Around View+Comfort option is missing.

Comfort options are typical of memory seats.

If you really need it, you’d better avoid this car.

All New K7 Diesel Used Car Additional Options 4

The additional style option costs 950,000 won.

HID Headlamps, LED Pogramps, 18-inch alloy wheels

I think this option is essential.

If you don’t have a style option, you’re the same model…

It’s like an old-fashioned thing, so it’s cool.

That’s all for the All-New K7 diesel used car.

It’s a little hard to express everything in writing.

I will introduce only healthy and good cars

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