Why don’t you go to the couple massage?

There was a couple massage event that recommended a Christmas date.

You can get 3+1 for 2 people in total 4 times.

I filled out the spa card first.

Check areas for strength and intensive care, aromatherapy, precautions, etc.

It’s good because it works according to the customer’s needs and ONCE.

That’s why I came back!

The wooden and orange lights give you a warm feeling and a sense of stability.

I really like this kind of interior design, so I wanted my house to be like this.

On one side, there is a good introduction of LPG-related products, so get this next time!

The program that recommends couple massages for Christmas dates.

It is a program that I use with my beloved lover, family, and friends.

It’s a program where you can balance your mind and 스웨디시 body through warm stone therapy and hydrating facial treatment.

The currently marked price is 2 people, and if you pay 3 times for that price, 1 free!!!

You may feel expensive, but it’s very private, luxurious, and satisfying, so it’s worth investing in.

What we got this time is rhythm balance.

I heard you’re similar to your current wits.

I think rhythm balance is better in terms of price, program progress, and cost-effectiveness!

It’s a shame that bear is going to work this weekend and I’m a little busy these days, but bye to the event.

It’s an aroma massage, so they test it before proceeding.

Ginger, grapefruit, and lavender.

Ginger says it helps with muscle pain and keeps you warm.

Grapefruit is supposed to help with cellulite decomposition.

Lastly, Lavender explained that it helps relax and sleep well.

We were obsessed with detox and edema, so we chose grapefruit.

I was guided to the couple massage area.

It’s the place I went to last time, and there are only two beds and it’s spacious and comfortable.

Especially when you open the blind here, the scenery is the best.

The closet is really big and wide!

So even if you wear a long coat, you can hang it without being attracted to it’s nice.

And there’s a separate container for accessories.

I put rings, necklaces, glasses, etc. here.

We’re the only ones using it privately, so it won’t be stolen!

The interior makes you feel comfortable just by looking at it!Haha

The change is complete!

For men, take off their tops, and for the bottoms, wear shorts and that’s it!

For women, take off their tops and change their bottoms into disposable underwear and wear a gown.

As expected, everything was luxurious, clean, and hygienic because it was a hotel-style massage.

After the change, they will guide us to the foot spa.

It’s already ready in time for the appointment, so as soon as you change your clothes, soak your feet and you’re done!

You asked me what the water temperature was like, and I loved it.

And they prepared citron tea and it was delicious!!!

In winter like these days, citron tea is the best!

When you do foot spa, put on a hot pack for shoulder and abdomen.

Wow… it’s really warm!!!!! I loved it.

The reason why I recommend this place is because the foot spa is open and the door is open.

It’s a bit cold, but my feet, shoulders, and abdomen are warm. I really liked it because it was a nice cold wind.

It’s a private space where you can get away from the city center and feel comfortable and cozy.

I visited for the second time, but every time I visited, I felt good.

And I didn’t feel that cold because the electric stove was installed so that I wouldn’t feel cold!

This reminds me of my visit to Ryokan, Japan, on my wedding anniversary.

(Before, of course, no no no Japan!)

Each room was supposed to have a hot spring on the terrace, so I used to have a hot spring outside.

It was a little chilly back then, but it was good to be in warm water.

I remember that time a little bit and it was great!

They give us towels after a certain time, so we can wash them ourselves and go back to the room.

In fact, when I go to the Tai Massage or other places, they do foot massage and wipe it off.

I’ve always been embarrassed because my feet are ugly, but I like it because I’m doing it myself here.

Starting with Welcome Touch, we start with Deep Tissue Massage and Anti-Stress Massage.

Wow, it’s so nice. ᅲ__

Bed was warm and proper, and Therapist was overwhelming!

You asked me if I was okay with the pressure, and I was very much.

They did it for me because my shoulders and neck weren’t good, but they were really good.

You put the stone on my back in the middle, and it was so warm that I loved it.

I went there again because I was satisfied with it.

Most of all, it was quiet and private.

It’s very luxurious maybe because a hotel-born therapist did it for me.

I’ve been to a lot of places, but this place is the place where you really care about the most, so I’ve been back

If you’re thinking about a Christmas date, why don’t you go to a couple massage?

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