Rigid cellolite is a massage to separate moisture, fat and waste matter.

This is her skincare office in Daeyeon-dong, Busan, which manages the lower body cellolite well.

Many of you have not worn swimsuits this summer.

The one who gave up because of an environment where he couldn’t travel freely, because of my cellolite he didn’t know.

Those who had no choice but to give up are upsetting this summer.

I don’t feel it when I gain 1 to 2 kilograms.

At one point, I saw myself reflected in the mirror, and with just a little bit of strength, my thighs and buttocks.

I can see little grains.

This is when the war against the cellolite begins.

No matter how hard I try, I lose weight, but the cellolite stays the same~

The concern begins.

To help you with your concerns, this posting is about cellolite.

What is a cellolite?》

The fat tissues clump together tightly to pressure 상동 스웨디시 the blood vessels and lymphatic vessels to disrupt the metabolism.

It refers to the bumpy skin like an orange peel.

I can see the cellolite well in fat areas such as buttocks, thighs, lower abdomen, arms, etc.

Cellolite Progressions

1. It doesn’t show up when you look at it, but when you twist it with your hand, you can see a small grain.

2. It doesn’t show up when you look at it, but when you twist it with your hand, you see a large lump.

3. When you touch an orange peel with uneven skin,

In some cases, there may be pain.

4. A large mass of cellolite visible to the eye is very bumpy and hard.

It’s lumped together.

The Causes of Cellularity

1. Lack of hormone balance

Women’s hormones such as puberty, pregnancy and menstruation, menopause, and contraceptives.

Estrogen secretion is abnormal.

It is one of the causes of more women than men.

2. Lack of exercise

☞ Due to decreased basal metabolic rate due to decreased muscle strength, accumulation of waste matter, accumulation of fat, circulation, edema, etc. in the body

The cellolite will be generated.

3. Decrease in metabolism

The metabolism synthesizes and decomposes the food intake into energy and converts unnecessary waste into waste.

It’s the process of exiting the body.

☞Due to the decline of the metabolism, the balance and circulation of the body have been broken, resulting in accumulation of fat, waste, and moisture.

It produces a lot of cellolite.

To facilitate metabolism, regular meals, sufficient water intake, reduced stress, and high-quality sleep are important.

4 Symptoms of blockage in the flow of a cold lymph

When you sit or stand in one position for a long time, when you wear tight clothes like a girdle or skinny jeans often.

When you eat something very cold for a long time, such as iced americano, ice water, etc.

The flow of the lymph is blocked and the cellulite is created.

5. biased eating habits

☞ Carbohydrates such as bread and snacks, greasy foods, and high-sugar foods make insulin secretion.

Promote to produce cellolite as a local accumulation.

☞ If you eat too much salt, it interferes with blood circulation due to edema, causing metabolic syndrome.

It creates a cellulite.

☞ Lack of fiber causes constipation, accumulation of waste, and obstruction of circulation causes cellolite.

6. Smoking

☞ Decreased blood circulation and increased free radicals increase inflammation in the body, resulting in cell destruction, etc.

The conditions that create the cellulite are created.

This causes cellulite.

Even if you succeed in your diet, you’re still on the rise because of the lingering cellolite.

There are a lot of people who are worried.

Once the cellolite is formed, a lot of time and effort is needed to remove it.

It’s necessary, so it’s better to prevent it from happening.

Methods for the Prevention and Management of Cellolite

◆ Let’s take enough water to get rid of waste matter.

◆ Eating fiber-rich vegetables and moderate fruits rich in vitamin C, eating regular meals

◆ Prevent fat accumulation by increasing fat burning, blood circulation, and basic metabolic rate through aerobic and muscular exercise.

◆ Raising body temperature with lower body bath, foot bath, promoting blood circulation, promoting lymph circulation, and discharging waste matter

◆ Avoid high-fat, high-sugar, high-calorie foods

◆ Massage → Massage to promote blood circulation, lymph circulation, and edema prevention to prevent cellolite.

The rigid cellolite removes the cellolite by separating moisture, fat, and waste with a massage.

Lower Body Control Order

Massage on the back of the lower body ▷ Massage on the side of the lower body ▷ Massage on the front of the lower body ▷ Apply a cellolite decomposition cream and wrap ▷Pressure on the scalp

Abdominal care sequence

Front decolte massage ▷ chest massage ▷ arm massage ▷ abdomen massage ▷ Cellolite cream application

Stone pack or stone management ▷ scalp acupressure

It’s 100% hand-written, and the director with 20 years of experience is one-on-one.

This is her management office, each and every one of them.

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