Gangnam Massage is also located 대전건마 in Daejeon

The long week is finally over and the weekend is here. In two days, it’s Monday anyway, but ㅠㅠ When you’re resting, you have to be sure to relieve your fatigue, so when you’re tired, you go to Gangnam couple spa. This is the Yeoksam branch of Gangnam Couple Spa Natural Tympah, which has been working for several years.
She’s not always the same terapist, but most of the teachers have met her. She’s been thoroughly disinfected against corona these days.
At the entrance, you can disinfect your hands and check in QR.
It’s a very cautious time, so we all have to stick to this. There are many programs to get Gangnam Couple Spa, but the one I get most often is a traditional Thai massage.
I like it because it feels like my body is warming up properly, including the cool taste of my hands and stretching.
If you buy a membership ticket for Yeoksam Thai massage than the basic price, you can get a discount, but the best thing I use is the Early Bird Event.
Early Bird event discount is really cheap in November. Early Bird time is from 10am to 17am, so there’s plenty of time. I’m most grateful for the time I usually go to get it at this is the time.
Yeoksam Thai massage changing room looks like this. There’s a shower in the men’s changing room.
The dressing room looks similar. The shower room is inside the changing room.
They give clothes according to the program that receives Gangnam couple spa.
I changed into a top and bottom gown for Thai dry treatment.
It’s a dry treatment that doesn’t use oil, so you can keep the underwear on.
There are also skincare products that can be used after taking a shower after management.
Gangnam couple spa parking lot is available at 2,000 won per car for up to 2 hours.
During the late night time, I changed my clothes for free and enjoyed a warm foot bath.
I want to go to Thailand because I am listening to quiet music while taking a foot bath. ㅠㅠ After enjoying the 대전건마 foot bath, the therapy staff came and wiped it clean and moved to the maintenance room.
I liked the fact that the door was made of curtains instead of the door, so the opening and closing of the door didn’t bother me, and it was good because the room was filled with quiet music.
It’s like a curtain hanging in the airy. It’s a nice cozy room for Gangnam couple spa. I got a full body tie massage, and there was a room where I could cover my entire body with a curtain in the middle of stretching. The atmosphere here was great too.
If I get it with my friends, I’ll think of the Thai massage I got during my trip to Thailand. ㅠㅠ After taking care of it, I used warm herbal tea to moisturize my skin.
I got a proper Gangnam couple spa at Yeoksam-dong as a traditional Thai massage. D Yeoksam Thai Massage The writing about the existence and identity of the world was mentioned around the year, and as you can see from my writings, there were relatively many phenomena related to the ability of the world by the year, and the words of the poem at that time were paid in advance.There have been tangible intangible, hundreds of billions of won worth of work mentioned, and it’s not like now that I’m making false rumors about the behavior of the workers who wrote, published books, and wrote movies, or even tried to stop them from running for president, or even using the same name, Alias and counterfeit to change people.
It’s not that my writing is so applied to the film, but at least there had to be no organized network-type falsehood or false words to make it into a movie or a movie scenario to make value.
If you get rid of the money of the chairman of the group, the money will disappear, not the money that the chairman of the group could have created

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