It’s one of the best massages to help boost blood flow in the body!

I played baseball as a hobby for the first time in a long time, and my body got stiff and my muscles got really surprised. I went to a massage shop on Naver to get maintenance.

While I was searching, I found out about Sangwangsimni Massage The Hanoi Foot and Body!

In the case of The Hanoi Foot & Body, I remember receiving it at Jamsil branch, but it was such a good memory that I trusted Wangsimnijeom and chose it right away.

Sangwangsimni Massage Durhanoy Foot & Body is located about 5 to 10 minutes’ walk from Sangwangsimni Station.

Those who come from Wangsimni Station can come on foot, but it would be good to note that it takes some time.~~

And since it’s located in a residential and commercial complex, parking is convenient.~

After parking, you can get a discount ticket at the store, so you can visit by car without worrying about parking fees.

The first floor may look a little dull, as it’s still a small shopping mall.~~

But if you use the escalator to go to the second floor, you’ll find a different atmosphere.Pilates shop, academy, and even The Hanoi Foot & Body.

Many stores are already open.And since I’m still a Corona poet, my hand sanitizer is stinging.

I’m going straight to the second floor after hand disinfection.

Wangsimni Massage The Hanoi Foot & Body is a store that opened less than two months ago!!

So I could see the flowers everywhere and the overall atmosphere of the store was very clean.~~

The Hanoi Foot & Body, which seeks a small vacation spot in the city center, uses the famous Aveda product!!

Some of you might think that 파주 건마 Abeda is so good, but it’s already a world-famous product.~

I was often treated with Aveda products, and from the smell of oil to the ingredients, they were perfect for my body.

There are many events going on, so it’s best to take care of your body at a low price!

It’s easy to get hurt in the cold winter, including muscles, so I think it’s good to relax once in a while.~

If you go into the store, a kind employee will guide you from beginning to end.

The height of the shoe rack is the same as the height of the changing room~~ I changed to slippers and looked inside.
I don’t think it’s a massage shop, but I think I’ve come to a fancy skin clinic in Gangnam.

It’s so neat and luxurious. The store is big and big.

It’s the entire section of the store.

Sangwangsimni Massage The Hanoi Foot & Sea is a store that does not only general massage but also stone massage.

Stone massage with warm stones on top of your body is one of the best massages to help boost your body’s blood flow!

I have an appointment later this time, so I decided to get an aroma massage only because I don’t have much time.

We also sell a variety of skin care products, so it would be good to ask and buy them at a reasonable price.

30 percent discount!!

With the guidance of a kind staff member to the men’s locker room! The dressing room is used by many people.

It’s a one-person changing room because it’s a reservation system. Private with exact time allocation

The Hanoi Foot & Body helps you use it.

As I said before, you can use the shoe closet key as the dressing room key.

And it’s neatly organized by the size of the massage hall, so you can change it to the clothes that fit your size right away.

Just for one person in the shower~ Private shower is the best.

From shampoo to foam cleanser, it’s perfect to move on to the next place!

I loved the scent of the diffuser behind the comb. I wanted to buy one.

I thought it was from Aveda, but it changed the atmosphere in the room at once.As much as there is a hairdryer, get a massage.

It’s perfect for getting your messy hair in order!

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