It may be more effective to give a blood-stimulating massage.

Massage has a smooth effect on your skin, as well as a sense of acuity. The acupuncture massage helps to make your face look smaller, but it’s effective to get it consistently. You can keep a small face if you get it regularly rather than intermittently.

But it’s hard for office workers to take the time to receive it steadily. It hurts, too. However, even if you just rub it every day, your face gets smaller and your skin tone gets better.

cold blood
The dented area between the front of the eye and the nose is 마사지 Jeongmyeong blood. It’s good for relieving fatigue around the eyes and preventing dryness and wrinkles. When you get a massage, you often press down on it first.

Stimulate the blood clots, go straight up, and stimulate the cold blood at the end of your eyebrows to relieve wrinkles and relieve stress on your skin muscles. It is considered an important part of the acupuncture massage because it helps the circulation of the face as the eyes cool down.

a blood clot
I think the oldest looking first rank is the slowness to see. The editor also saw the recent photo and the skin on the cheek looks much older than before because of the sagging skin. So, to prevent drooping cheeks, press down on the indentation just below the most protruding part.

Actually, if your face is swollen or lumped together, it hurts even if you press it lightly. However, if you press it steadily, the swelling will go away and your cheeks will be plump, making your face look young.

Prevents the favelas a rule.
Tighter around the nose

an affected blood
Stimulating the occipital blood at both ends of the lips and the dents at the tip of the nose prevents the nasolabial fold and makes the skin between the nose and the skin between the skin between the nose and mouth. Especially for this part, if your skin gets sagging, it looks like bulldog skin, so you look older.

For those whose skin looks lower than usual, pressing here can cause pain. You can just press down on it. If you slightly raise your skin and press it down, your lip line will look pretty and you can make it into a smiling face.

Reduce the square jaw that makes your face look bigger.
jaw muscles
The biggest reason for making your face look bigger and angled is the square jaw. The square jaw caused by muscles can be eliminated just by stimulating it well. If you bite your teeth after touching your chin, there will be muscles that pop out. You can reduce the square jaw muscles and make a small face by rubbing the area up and down with your fist.

Ordinarily, acroscopic experts apply more force to the arm, not the hand, and push it up and release it. When you do it alone at home, you can stimulate it with your fist. It must hurt quite a lot when the muscles in this area are enlarged. If you rub it constantly, the square jaw muscles will disappear and the elasticity will be restored so that you can make a beautiful jawline.

The final finish is the stimulation of the sun’s blood.

Solar blood
The sun blood, located in the temple between the eyes and ears, is a place you must press at the end, whether it’s a meridian massage or a skin massage. After massaging, touch both sides of the sun’s blood with both hands, gently press it, and rub it with high pressure. If you have frequent headaches, this part will hurt quite a bit.

But by the time the pain is cool, the headache will also be gone. It is also the most central part of the bloodline, where toxins gather through the blood. If you loosen this part well, the toxin circulates well into the lymph and releases it, so it’s better to press it with the finish of the massage.

Just by stimulating the blood that I pointed out today, you can see the effect of making your face smaller and your skin clearer. It’s good to get acupressure massage, but it can be more effective to have a constant blood-stimulating massage at home every day.

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