After the maintenance is over, take two mask packs of delicious drinks and We Beauty.

About five years ago. At that time, I saw a movement called Crossfit.

It was so funny and so cool that I started out of curiosity,

I’ve been so into it that I fell in love with it.

My seungmogeun, who was calm, was very angry one day.

And I worked on the computer, so my neck, cap, shoulder, and so on.

It’s lumpy, it’s dry, it’s a freak party, and it. Sobbing

So sometimes I gave them self- massages and stretched them.

I’m always in the same spot because I’m too lazy to skip.

I wanted to get proper care this time, so I visited We Beauty, which is famous for my musculoskeletal therapy!

Arrived at We Beauty on time of reservation!

Before you go in, you put on a hand sanitizer and ring the bell at the entrance.

The Therapist came out and guided me to the counseling office.

Wow. What’s so cozy as soon as you get in?

The internal structure felt like a 건마 maze.

Most of all, I loved being quiet.

It was so cold that I was shivering that my body froze.

Just in time, you brought me some warm tea and snacks.

You’re melting, aren’t you, Mom? hehe

I was wondering what kind of management programs you have before you visit We Beauty.

I looked up the homepage and there were so many different programs!

And then I started to talk to the Therapyr about what I wanted to manage.

I usually wear an eco bag on the left side of my shoulder asymmetry.

Exercise, computerized mitral muscles, and every time I stretch, I get a pain in my right shoulder.

I told you about the inconvenience. You know what it’s like to be sad when you talk about being sick.

After all the consultations, we’re moving to the care room.

I went in a little bit because I saw a really nice and cozy room.

They say it’s a place for couples.

It feels like I’m in the master bedroom. From powder rooms to beds and massage chairs.

A place where I felt comfortable just by looking at it.

I’m in the Yokeuroom with a mitral massage from We Beauty.

We’ve decided to take care of the inner area by correcting the shoulder posture!

There was something on the bed, so I looked.

They got us snacks and welcome tea.

I’ve been to a lot of massage shops in Sesa.

This is the first place I’ve ever touched before I was taken care of.

Clothes and accessories you’re wearing

And you put all your stuff in the closet.

You just have to wear a neatly prepared gown.

When you’re ready for maintenance, you press the bell next to the closet.

The Therapist came in. hehe

I used a mitral massage and a shoulder posture correction to take care of the inner workings.

What’s different from other massage shops is that they use their feet, not their hands!

Believe it or not, it’s real. This is the myelocardial therapy.

Look at the difference between the

The reason I had pain in my right shoulder was because it was more dry than my left shoulder.

They say it’s because it’s high, so I’ll take care of the right first.

I’ve been comparing the differences, and you said magic happened in 30 to 40 minutes.★

The effect of killing two birds with one stone, which makes your neck thinner and your jawline stronger!

I didn’t know it was this asymmetric, but it was more shocking than I thought.

The Therapist tried to free those angry nuns.

I don’t know how hard you’ve been trying, right muscle king ㅠㅠ

I thought it would be a dream to have a straight clavicle.

I wanted to receive it consistently because I could see something different after just one episode.

After the mitral massage and shoulder posture correction,

I’ve decided to take a dry bath.

Minimal things are cute. Whoo-hoo!

While taking a half-bath

Enjoy your tea and refreshments you didn’t finish.

Get out, Jeb, Jeb, Jeb, Jeb, Jeb!

After a lower-body bath, I’m going to take a look inside the room.

Wash yourself in the shower!

It’s nice to have all the toiletries available.

There’s everything. The gowns and towels you’ve used are yogiru–

On a cute dressing table with cozy lights.

Everything from hairdryers to basic products is perfect.

We Beauty, full of consideration and sensibility
This is not the end.

After the maintenance is over, take two mask packs of delicious drinks and We Beauty.

Thank you for sending me a message on Kakao Talk and good stretching, and I’m really touched.♡

From beginning to end, everything was perfect.

Let’s all go get prettier. I have to go.

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