Various accessories are well organized and users communicate well in cafes.

The living tent, which was used well, stopped camping and did not store it well, eventually making it impossible to use it in mold. Our little ones sing a song to go camping now. Although he insists that he is still a senior, it is hard to pack and carry camping bags because he is low in physical strength in middle age. If you’re not feeling well, you should change the equipment. With this reason, they decided to buy a rooftop tent to enjoy more comfortable camping and freedom of know-how (other words of cost reduction).
The rooftop tent is literally a tent installed on the roof of a car, but when I meet the cars that have installed the rooftop, I guess I naturally thought that I should change the equipment to the rooftop without realizing it.
I started searching hard. First of all, the price is bad because of my pocket. My broke dad is having a hard time today. Whether to go to the cost-effectiveness or show the beast man’s flying skills… Because I have a card?
The snow is fixed on the sky camp, but we will make a comparison and choose.
We narrowed it down to a hard top among the rooftop tents.
I had the opportunity to open my friend’s rooftop tent and fold it, but it was more difficult than I thought because it was a soft top. Of course, the sky and ground will be different compared to normal tents, but let’s make it more comfortable.
Among hardtop tents, the range was limited to 34 people. There are 4 people in my family.
After setting the range, some products lift up. Icampus, Gaia Campus, Abenaki, Canberfia, Meseta, and Storage Works.

Apple in the Rooftop Tent? The leader of the rooftop. I think it’s the best product with the best finish and design except for the price.
By using ultra-dense polycotton canvas, it is highly waterproof and breathable, so it has less condensation (only for tent skins) and many new technologies have been applied. It is said that the foot does not hurt by using the HCL ladder, which is being applied for a patent. With the use of FRP – Double Layered Sandwitches, there is an air layer between the dual FRP skins, which is advantageous for insulation and condensation problems. The problem is the cost.
The price is $397 for the main body (tent) and $417 for a black matte hard shell. Anex 75 dollars, Earnings 39 dollars, and Exclusive Insulation Tent 29 dollars.
It is domestic production and is exporting to 33 countries around the world, with both internal and external finishing materials and finishing conditions at the highest level. Various accessories are well organized (of course expensive) and users are able to communicate well in cafes.


  1. One minute to unfold and one minute to fold (Rooftop tent is almost the same)
  2. Export to 33 countries worldwide
  3. Polycotton Canvas Fabric
  4. Flooring – Using Aluminum Honeycomb
  5. FRP – Double Layered Sandwitch 사용
  6. 2018 Red Dot Design Award Winner

Gaia Campus
I don’t think there are many users. The design and finish are also good. The main body price is $235 and the anex is $48 and the earning is $23.5.
Using a wide ladder makes your feet more comfortable. 스카이어닝 There are LED lights installed inside that can be used by connecting auxiliary batteries, so no additional internal lighting work is required.
Abenaki Hard Top Tent, Triple Hard Top Tent.

The design of the hardtop tent looks basically the same, but it also feels completely different depending on the color of the skin, whether there is a side wall of the side window, and the design of the hard shell. It is a place where camping equipment is sold in a variety of ways to the extent that at least one user has all of Abenaki’s products, and the hardtop tent is a little different from other manufacturers.
I like khaki skin, so I put it at the top of the purchase list. The main body for 34 people is 193 dollars, family size anex is 60 dollars, family size anning is 25 dollars, and the upper pole is 6 dollars. Both main body skin and anex are made of canvas, so it looks heavy.
Unlike other products, the ladder of the Abenaki hardtop tent looks more luxurious because it is black.
While looking for a 34-person product, the new three-person Abenaki Triple Hard Top Tent stands out. The hardshell design is more luxurious than other plain British flags, and I’m worried about the ultra-thin size of 28cm in storage. There are 4 people in my family, but I think the difference of 15cm in width is quite important compared to the 34-person family.
Canberpia Expandable Hard Top Tent

Both design and skin color are normal. The ladder is less painful because it uses a wide ladder. When the tent floor plate is unfolded, the load on the expanded floor plate is the structure of the ladder, which supports the load even if the ladder is folded by placing auxiliary legs at both ends.
$230 for the main body, $55.00 for the extended anex, $25 for the annealing.

  1. Wide Ladder
  2. Supplementary Legs
  3. Front urethane window
  4. Emotional Matte
  5. Anti-Rain Poles

If you buy the main body, you will get a taffy (earning) as a free gift. Along with Hilander, the flagship player of the Softtop Tent, the SoftTop Tent also has many users.
198 dollars for main body, 45 dollars for anex, and freebies. Unlike other products, Anex is fully open on the front and side, so it is easy to access and can be used as an extension.
Storage Works Folding Hard Top Tent 2100
Storage Works is popular for its high-cost hard top tents. If you buy the main body, you will get an anex as a free gift.
The overall design is personally ranked third, after Icampus and Abenaki. The logo design is pretty cute.
Storage Works had a product called picnic as a softtop tent before the hardtop tent, and it is a particularly memorable brand because it has a very good design compared to other softtop tents. Besides, the design of many other products is quite unique.
When I first searched for the product, the price of the main body + anex was 200 dollars, but now it’s 220 dollars. Earnings has no price information.
The picture of the product on the homepage is shown in white and gray-toned skin, but the actual product sold is an orange color product with brown skin.

If you don’t think about the cost when you look at the products from various brands, it’s obvious, but not because of my pocket.
I am concerned about two brands: Abenaki and Storage Works.
Abenaki’s khaki skin is also attractive and the black ladder is attractive.
Storage Works has the best cost-effectiveness and has an active user community, most of which have good user reviews. It is the product that you can see the most with the product.

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