at the end of the game, with a dramatic score

At 2:55 am on March 12, Manchester United home stadium Old Trafford played United and AC Milan’s first round of the Europa League 16. Both United and Milan are currently in second place in the Premier League and Serie A, respectively, so it was the biggest match of the Europa League 16 games. Also, many soccer fans have been attracted to the meeting of Manchester 스포츠중계 United and Milan, once Europe’s best clubs, in 11 years.

With a little rotation running, Teles, Eric Bai and Matichi started.

Greenwood played instead as Rashford was injured in the previous game and failed to make the list.

With Zlatan and Chalhanoglu not on the list due to injuries, Lean played as a one-top player and Brahim Diaz was named in the starting lineup.

Left full-back Theo was also injured, so Diogu Dalo, who left on loan from United, played.

Pikayo Tomori and Simon Kier formed the center-back line.

Teles crossed from the left and Marshall hit a volley shot with his left foot after a chest trapping, but Donnarumma Keeper hit it as he headed toward the centre of the goal.

In the attack that led to the throwin, Kessier scored with a volley shot after trapping with his body, but VAR reads that the goal was canceled with a handball.

In the empty space in the side box, Krunic hit a shot, but it was refracted by defense and caught by Dean Henderson Keeper.

In the counterattack situation, Salemakiers dribbled from the right side and stripped off Matichi and hit the left foot shot, but headed to the front of the goalkeeper.

Maguire, who was in the back of the ball cut from the front with a header from a corner, touched it right in front of the goal but came out of the goal.

United were embarrassed by Milan’s strong attack until midway through the first half, with no balls properly turned in the midfield and James on the left allowing a number of attacks, committing several pass misses. It was the moment I felt the absence of play-making Luke Shaw, whose goal-kicking at United twice in the first half, although offside and handball were declared. But in defensive situations, Eric Bai in particular showed good defensive skills. Bye effectively prevented the fast-footed Lean from playing at one-top with fast speed and blocked the left-back moon well

Milan threatened United with a lot of attacks early on, but it was a pity that the goal was canceled twice. In any case, Milan showed a much better performance in the first half than United, and at the end of the first half, he did not allow any opportunities except for the corner kick situation and showed good defense. Many of the main resources have not played due to injuries, but the condition of the candidates who played today seems to be okay, so you can expect a score in the second half.

United eventually allowed the equalizer at the end of the game and had a bad first-round result, which allowed them to finish with a clean sheet at home but allowed away goals. In the second half, Milan tried several attacks as well, but it was a more disappointing result for United because they could not carry out a sharp attack. In particular, McTominay made a pass miss and showed a frustrating performance in the middle of the game, and he almost received a second yellow card due to a rough foul. Still, the positive part was that Diallo, who was replaced by Marshall as soon as he started the second half, scored his United debut goal.Now United are in the game without even having a goal in the second leg of the Milan expedition

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