The main character is well depicted walking around the streets alone without anyone’s help.

After the exam, I goofed around all week and fell into a webhard.
Masaki Suda as Masaki Masimayutaro was familiar with the assassination class and Miu404’s third grade A class. Who is Takayuki Yamada as Keiji Sakagami? I knew it was Ushijima, a private loan shark, and I knew that styling made people look so different.
Kumiko Aso, who plays Mai Sakagami, was known as Miu404 such as effective police and Masaki Suda, so all three were not new actors.

First of all, Diri is a small office that works to delete the post-mortem data of the deceased, and it is a story about what happens when Utah, who is bright in the world, works as an outsider at the recommendation of her sister Mai.

From the first episode, Utah’s bright personality is so revealing.
The brighter the personality, which easily gets close to anyone and softens the alertness, makes Kei a little bit more amiable as she continues the webhard ranking.
The proper intervention of these two people’s chemistry and Mai created a great synergy.

It’s not that I have to watch all episodes because it’s an episode format for about 50 minutes per episode, but the sound of each episode was very good.

The anger that was especially impressive to me was the sixth episode, in which a young middle school student ran away from home and eventually committed suicide, was found in a white snow field.
I could feel the fear of the Internet anonymous. It also applies to Utah, but today we consider the Internet to be a sea of information.
Anyone can easily turn on their phone and search for anything and know the person’s past and present.
I didn’t know it would be so scary that every single picture I posted without any care was floating in a place I didn’t know.
Even if I delete this article I’m writing now, you’ll find it through search somewhere in this wide Internet world.

Back again, the middle school student was in a vulnerable state for only a short time and was shocked to learn of the dark side of the world by someone who sought it.
The shock caused him to commit suicide and this fact is so unfortunate.
What I wanted to talk to someone and share my daily life with someone came back and became a noose that strangled me.
After watching episode 6, I took a break and watched the rest of the episodes.

After watching all the episodes from the first to the eighth, I imagined what to erase when I die, but I still can’t figure it out.
What did I leave in this vast sea?

Another form of voice or something, I remembered being criticized for describing a stereo-type disability in an animation, which depicts a physically vulnerable protagonist walking around the streets alone without anyone’s help.
I don’t mean to compare it, but in Korea’s webhard, where the main character in the wheelchair appears, he tries to do something, but he looks like he’s trying to help.
I can’t evaluate this webhard alone, but at least in Japan, the roads are so uniform, there are walkways for the disabled everywhere, and I felt a little bit like it.
The disabled are relatively well equipped! To say that, I have never been to Japan, and I only saw this webhard, but I thought it would be a good place to go to restaurants and go from place to place alone.

And the other thing was that prejudice against Masaki Suda was broken.
I thought Masaki Suda always acted the same way, but I thought that the character was not similar to his languid eyes, voice, and such aspects, but the acting seemed to have been filmed.
Looking at Diri’s Utah, however, his acting was 웹하드순위 refreshing, bright, cheerful personality and immaculate innocence.
I knew why many people are looking for re-discovery of Rising Star in Japan.

So I’m watching King Min’s first episode. His vocalization, pronunciation, and facial expression are not bad.
I like actors who have good vocalizations because I think they eat half of their vocalizations.

I’m leaving a gibberish review today as well.

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